Portrait of the Artist's Son, Valerik

50,000-70,000 GBP
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213.  FALK, ROBERT (1886-1958)

Portrait of the Artist's Son, Valerik
Oil on canvas, 64 by 54 cm.
50,000-70,000 GBP

Painted in the artistís studio in Moscow in 1941.

Provenance: Collection of K.R. Baranovskaya-Falk, Moscow, until 1997.
Private collection, Germany.

Exhibited: Moskovskie khudozhniki. 1920-1930s, Central House of Artists, Moscow, 1991.

Literature: Moskovskie khudozhniki. 1920-1930s, Moscow, 1991, p. 114, incorrectly dated 1939.
D. Sarabianov, Yu. Didenko, Zhivopisí Roberta Falíka, Polnyi katalog proizvedenii, Moscow, Elizium, 2006, p. 673, No. 987, illustrated.

The portrait of Valery Falk, the artistís son, occupies a special place in the remarkable oeuvre of Robert Falk. Painted in 1941, this work was to be not only one of Falkís most successful of that period but also his last portrayal of his son, before the latterís untimely death two years later at the Battle of Stalingrad. Valery (1916-1943) was an artist like his father. Robert Falk talked of his sonís divine draughtsmanship and uncommon talent. Others in their circle also noted the familial gift. In the 1930s Valery and his father lived in France, where their works were often exhibited together.

The works that Falk produced of his close friends and family were always of special significance for him and this closeness is clearly revealed here. The young manís grown-up appearance notwithstanding, the artist is here developing a previous image of Valery ó lost in concentration and sad, frail and tired ó an image well known from many portraits painted during the years when they were in France together and after their return to the USSR.

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