Russian Art Auctions - over 12 million GBP sold
Thursday 1 December 2011
Part I: Important Russian Art
Part II: Russian Classic and Contemporary Art
Russian Icons and Works of Art

Part I Results: Lot 12 Volkov sold for 909,000 GBP
Lot 14 Kustodiev sold for 1,840,000 GBP
Lot 27 Aivazovsky sold for 782,000 GBP
8.9 million GBP sold in Part I

Part II Results: Lot 401 Bakst sold for 850,000 GBP - over 20 times low estimate.
2.3 million GBP sold in Part II

Icons and Works of Art Results: Lot 513 sold for 224,700 GBP
834,000 GBP sold in Icons and Works of Art Auction

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   Boris KUSTODIEV, Merchant's Wife,
  Sold for 1,840,500 GBP

Highlights from the December 2011 Russian Art Auctions

Robert FALK, Woman in Red, Sold for 255,000 GBP
Mikhail NESTEROV, The Nightingale is Singing, Sold for 596,700 GBP

Aleksandr VOLKOV, Listening to the Bedana, Sold for 909,180 GBP
Aleksei SAVRASOV, Pastoral Scene, Sold for 497,500 GBP

IVAN AIVAZOVSKY, Classical Poets on a Moonlit Shore in Ancient Greece, Sold for 782,000 GBP
DMITRY PLAVINSKY, Come si dipingeva una volta, Sold for 65,400 GBP

L√ČON BAKST, Le Port de Famagouste. Set Design for "La Pisanelle ou la Mort parfumee", Sold for 850,000 GBP

An Important Silver and Enamel Triptych of St George with Saints Nicholas and Alexei, Sold for 224,700 GBP



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